White Noise

published on 16/08/2018

Also available, Pink Noise, which is just the sound of unicorns stabbing each other.

Become a Cultist

published on 12/08/2018

Cultists are also more successful romantically with other Deep Ones.


published on 09/08/2018

“Why should we change our name? They are the ones who suck!”

Dammit, It’s My Vacation (again)!

published on 25/07/2018

Yup, I’ll probably repost this comic each time I’m on vacation, just slightly altering the calendar each time.

Today: Pool Party!

published on 12/07/2018

Miraculously none of his inflatable pool toys were murdered.


published on 08/07/2018

The only good kind of burnout is Burnout 2: Point of Impact.

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