Chinese x Astrological Zodiac

published on 01/02/2018

I really wanted to do something Zodiac related and thought it might be fun to combine both the Chinese zodiac animals and astrological star signs somehow. I ended up drawing the Chinese zodiac animals holding objects inspired by the western zodiac signs.First up, I started with the 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals. For those who are unfamiliar with the Chinese Zodiac, each year is represented by one of twelve animals based on the Lunar Calendar. It goes in a cycle: mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, house, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, and pig. To find out which one, just Google your birth year and “Chinese Zodiac.” If you are born in January/February, the Lunar New Year usually isn’t until late January or February, so you might be the animal from the “previous year.”Which animal are you? I’m an ox. Mooooooo!12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac Next up, the astrological signs.  Most of you probably know what your horoscope sign is but I always forget the date ranges when figuring it out for others:Weapons based on Astrological Star Signs - Horoscope SignsSomehow all the “objects” turned into weapons. Haha. I’m a Libra :) Hopefully you like how your astrological star sign weapon turned out.And finally, I combined them!Eventually, I’ll post all the variations (all 144 of them!)  so you can see your own personal  pairing of Chinese Zodiac animal and star sign. Do you happen to be one of the ones above? I’m the Ox / Libra :) If you aren’t, let me know what combination you are and maybe I can do your pairing sooner :)

Do the Thing!

published on 19/09/2017

Sometimes when I start something, I’m off to a good start. Computer on! Tea brewed! Ready to do the thing! …and then this happens:Do the thing - 20px - Done nothing - Productivity at its finestMany hours fly by and I end up with nothing.Designer’s block? YouTube spiral? Netflix binge? I guess I only have myself to blame :) Tomorrow is another day for productivity!

A View of Somewhere Else

published on 18/08/2017

A view of somewhere else.I wanted to try practicing something I don’t really know how to draw… that is landscapes and environmental spaces..
This is the first one I’ve done in a long while. Hopefully I’ll try more in the future to try to develop a style.This one is heavily inspired by Adventure Time and Steven Universe artwork.

Star Trek

published on 10/04/2017

Drawings for a Star Trek button set :) What do you think?Star Trek Cute Spock Enterprise Kirk Borg Picard Borg Cube Picard's Flute

Star Wars

published on 24/08/2016

My first attempt at drawing anything related to Star Wars :) What do you think? I like how the Ewok turned out :)Star Wars - Chewbacca, Ewok, 3CPO, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, R2D2, Stormtrooper


published on 16/08/2016

Don’t feel like doing something? Just say nope like nope cant do the thing

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